How Technical Recruiting Agencies Source DevOps Engineers

How Technical Recruiting Agencies Source DevOps Engineers

How Technical Recruiting Agencies Source DevOps Engineers

Looking to hire Hire DevOps Engineers? Interested in getting help from Technical Recruiting Agencies?

Technology has changed the way companies operate on a day-to-day basis, and in recent years this has led to an explosion in demand for skilled DevOps Engineers.

For those unfamiliar with the term, “DevOps” incorporates software development and IT operations (Dev + Ops) and bridges the gap between the two in order to build highly scalable and secure software deployment.

The business advantages are obvious, and when compared to the relative scarcity of experienced DevOps Engineers, it’s not hard to see why technical recruiting agencies are scrambling to identify and secure the best talent.

5 Essential DevOps Recruitment Tips

Whether you are building a team from scratch or looking to add specialists to a team you already have, here are a few expert strategies used by technical recruiting agencies like EXPECT to recruit in-demand DevOps candidates.

  • Ignore the hype. DevOps is in demand for a reason, but this has also led to it becoming somewhat of a buzzword. When you are talking to a DevOps candidate, make sure they possess the underlying skills needed for the role.
  • Match job requirements. This sounds obvious, but there’s a reason it made the list. Some DevOps positions are best suited to software engineers with an understanding of IT operations, while others are best suited to the inverse of that.
  • People skills matter. DevOps exists in order to facilitate seamless communication between different teams, making soft skills vitally important to any role within the team.
  • Dig deep. The best DevOps candidates might not be calling themselves DevOps candidates….yet. Rather than looking for a specific position name, try to find the underlying skills needed for the role and start your search from there. Examples are: Continuous Delivery Engineer, Configuration Management Engineer, Infrastructure Automation Engineer
  • Recruit passive candidates. Building on that last point, ideal candidates might not even realize they are suited to your DevOps position. When told that their skills match the opening, they might be convinced to take a look, especially once they see their current skills match the requirements.

Ready to staff your own in-house DevOps team?

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