Technical Staffing Services – A guide on what to ask

Technical Staffing Services – A guide on what to ask

Technical Staffing Services – A guide on what to ask

If your company has made the decision to start outsourcing some of your recruitment efforts to a technical staffing service, here is a great article on what to ask a potential service provider.

Many benefits come with consulting with a technical staffing services company, such as more flexibility for your organization, increased savings, and an injection of fresh ideas into your company.

Although there are numerous companies out there to provide you with much-needed help, the process of deciding which technical staffing service suits you best can be a daunting task, particularly if it is your first time.

Before signing up with any technical staffing services agency, it is essential for you to ask a list of questions that will lend a hand in deciding if that agency is the right fit for you.

Such questions should include, but are not limited to:

What type of industries does the agency specialize in?

Since each organization has unique staffing needs, you must ensure that the technical staffing services agency has a thorough understanding of the challenges that need to be addressed in your business. While the capacity to efficiently handle the technical skills in your business is also important, you need to find out if the technical staffing services agency’s knowledge of your industry is adequate enough to have your needs met.

How does the agency measure its client satisfaction?

One of the most reliable indicators of working alongside a reputable technical staffing services provider is the agency’s past performance and track record.  Ask the company to supply you with their most recent customer satisfaction score and how the organization compares to its competitors.  Do not be tempted just to accept client testimonials, as they can be misleading.

What was the agency’s turnover rate for its internal staff last year?

You should try to partner and consult with an agency with a low turnover of internal staff as it helps you consolidate a long-lasting relationship.  When an account manager learns to understand your needs, office culture, hiring criteria, and expectations effectively, it is tough to start over with a new account manager when they leave.

What is the agency’s sourcing philosophy?

Each technical staffing services provider has a different strategy and philosophy when it comes to recruiting new candidates.  Some agencies use traditional approaches, while others now use modern techniques such as finding candidates on LinkedIn.  Consider the technical staffing service’s hiring plan to see if it will be a good fit for your business.

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