Technical Staffing – 4 Essential Tips & Hints

Technical Staffing – 4 Essential Tips & Hints
Technical Staffing – 4 Essential Tips & Hints

According to Heraclitus, an ancient Greek philosopher, “change is the only constant”.

This is true in life, but it is particularly true in tech. Tech is constantly evolving and pushing forward, and Technical staffing requires more than simply staying on top of current tech trends and understanding industry best practices. It is often necessary to understand where technology is going in order to find the candidate that can grow with the job.

To quote a more modern figure, retired hockey legend Wayne Gretzky once famously said, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.”

He wasn’t a technical recruiter, but the logic applies. Here are some technical staffing tips and hints to help you stay ahead of the curve and create a great pool of tech talent.

Tip 1: Remember that recruiting is not a desk job

I can’t stress this one enough.

Technology has allowed job seekers and HR staff to accomplish more from behind a desk, but don’t rest on your laurels and limit recruiting efforts to web-based activities. Meetings of professional associations and local Meetup groups are excellent resources for top talent. Attending after-hours networking events is also a good move. Better still, consider having your company sponsor these events from time to time.

Take your professional activities a step further and get active in the community. Getting involved with organizations and activities for which you feel a great deal of passion helps create positive energy and can even help with networking

Tip 2: Look to the Future

Meeting with high school and college students on career day might not pay off immediately, but is a great long-term play. Students may not be ready to fill a job opening, but it is only a matter of time before their resumes are hitting your inbox. Identify talent and interest early and you have a better chance at hiring the top of the class after graduation.

By the same logic, don’t be afraid to hire candidates who seem like a good fit but require training. You’re in business for the long haul, right? Forget the laundry list of must-have skills. The ideal candidate on paper rarely exists, and even when they do they often already work for another company. Don’t be afraid to search for someone who fits the company culture more than the needed skills. As long as they have the most critical skills, the rest can be taught.

Tip 3: Talk to Current Tech Employees

Often the people who work for your company are the best resource for finding both passive and active candidates. They know others in the field through memberships in professional associations and by knowing their counterparts working for competitors. Consider giving employees some incentive by offering a finder’s fee for sourcing good talent.

Even if you don’t rely on employees for staffing help, it is still a good practice to maintain positive relationships with your team. When a company treats its employees well, word gets around.

Tip 4: Step up Your Marketing Game

Take the time to write fresh ads

Write fresh ads for every job posting even if you always seem to be hiring for the position. Make sure your word choice isn’t outdated and that all of the requirements are in line with your hiring manager’s needs. Also, try writing variations of your job postings to see which ones get the most responses from qualified applicants.

Step up your #socialmedia and blogging game

There’s a reason these tips show up in just about every industry – social media and blogging are cheap ways to get some buzz for your company. It isn’t just customers paying attention to social media feeds or reading the company blog. Make sure you use keywords and hashtags that will help job seekers easily find your listing and reach out.

Get familiar with Github and Stack Overflow

Github and Stack Overflow are active online communities where developers hang out and display their talents. Wayne Gretzky wouldn’t have scored all those goals if he didn’t spend so much time in the offensive zone, and you can’t score great tech talent if you don’t familiarize yourself with the community.

Keeping a steady stream of qualified candidates knocking on your door takes time, but with a strategic approach, some effort, and these technical staffing tips it will hopefully be easier and faster to find the right candidate for your company.

Happy hunting!


  1. One of the things to remember is that you should always have a backup plan when it comes to hiring people from a staffing agency since it would pay to always have an investment when looking for potential recruits from a crowd of soon-to-graduate students from nearby colleges that would be looking for a job. At the same time, you should also communicate with your current employees, since they would know people who would be a good fit when it comes to whatever vacancy you would have open. If I had the chance to work in recruiting then I would definitely make sure that I would have a steady supply of fresh talent ready to hire and deploy.

    1. Hi Adrian, I can’t agree with you more, in fact I have no objections to clients using more than one recruiters like me, just in case one doesn’t deliver, they have a backup. Regarding your next point; yes sending referrals to the hiring managers is a great way to grow a company, because people tend to attract the same cultural fit, and know the person’s abilities during big projects. Let me know if you have any other questions or topics you’d like for me to expand on. I’m here to help!

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