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Strategies Technology Staffing Companies Use To Secure Talent

Strategies Technology Staffing Companies Use To Secure Talent

The American economy is increasingly favoring technical innovation and automation. This has placed an emphasis on the importance of tech workers and, by extension, technology staffing companies. As the competitiveness for tech talent increases, technology staffing companies like Expect have had to perfect recruitment strategies to source the highest quality talent for our clients.
Lots of the things we do involve the obvious – sourcing candidates, screening resumes, assessing competency, and evaluating skills. Here are a few less obvious strategies that small technical recruiters can implement to make their jobs easier.

Offer Outside the Box Benefits

One great way to stand out from the pack is to zig when others zag – this means highlighting the interesting aspects of the position, as well as featured benefits.
If everyone in the industry is offering little day to day flexibility, but great vacation time, consider offering fewer vacation days with more flexibility. For example, many companies now offer unlimited PTO.

Understand the Candidates Needs

On that note – technology staffing companies understand that behind every tech worker there is a person with specific wants and needs that go beyond a typical day. It’s the candidate’s job to sell you on their technical skills, but it is your job to sell them on your company.

Study Industry Trends

Technology staffing companies are constantly staying on top of the latest trends in the tech industry – how else would we be able to match employees with the right employers? It’s important to stay up to date with general HR issues, as well as things like average compensation, benefits packages, vacation time and so on.
One other tactic is to keep an eye out for companies laying off technical employees. We usually see business reports that announces layoffs, especially when companies merge and move headquarters.

Conquer Online Marketing

Across the board, tech workers understand the internet, making the world wide web the perfect place to reach out and recruit them. Rather than wasting effort on newspaper ads or radio spots, technology staffing companies tend to focus on digital marketing.
This can involve advertising positions or services through social media platforms and google search, maintaining profiles on LinkedIn and other job boards or even operating a website or blog. Every company handles its online marketing differently, but whatever you do, attracting top tech talent requires a web presence.

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