Technology Staffing Solutions for Business Owners

Technology Staffing Solutions for Business Owners

Technology Staffing Solutions for Business Owners

For business owners, remote work has created a world of opportunities that didn’t exist for previous generations. Fifteen or twenty years ago, access to premier tech talent typically meant you had to be physically located in a major city or near a university campus. It was a chicken and egg scenario – talented tech workers went to areas where the jobs were, and job creators started businesses where access to tech talent was plentiful.

Those days are long gone. Today, you can access premium technology staffing solutions from just about anywhere, while paying a fraction of the budget that such talent used to cost. Instead of hiring a full-time software developer or IT consultant, smaller businesses can hire project-dependent or task-dependent specialists.

There are three main drivers of this change.

Technological Innovation & Advancements

Thanks to an increase in widely available communication technology, you can work with people in different cities, across state lines, and even in other countries how you used to work with people in different cubicles. Platforms like Zoom and Slack have made online collaboration more affordable and accessible, and industry giants like Microsoft and Google have taken notice. This is no longer relegated to Silicon Valley – companies in all industries are leveraging these innovative tools to their advantage.

Increased Access to Tech Talent

Skilled developers, coders, and software engineers used to flock to Silicon Valley, Seattle, and New York City because that’s where the jobs were. These days, they don’t need to be in a major city to find tech work. They don’t even need to be in a city at all – remote technological teams can work anywhere there’s electricity and a reliable internet connection.

Affordable Technology Staffing Solutions

A software developer in suburban Boulder might be more accessible to your business than one in downtown Boston, but that doesn’t mean finding them is easy. If you have low familiarity with the tech sector and its jargon, finding a suitable contractor can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Technology staffing solutions like Expect help make the search easier by bridging the gap between your business and the tech talent you need to move forward.

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