What to expect when doing temporary engineering staffing

What to expect when doing temporary engineering staffing

What to expect when doing temporary engineering staffing

Many engineering organizations often need to hire temps for short-term gigs.  While it might sound easy on paper, the process of temporary engineering staffing isn’t always a walk in the park, particularly if your business niche is unique or in its infancy.

That’s where the services of a reliable and trustworthy temporary engineering staffing agency come in handy.

Going at it alone? Is it Worth It?

When it comes to hiring engineering temps, doing it in-house might seem like a splendid idea at first. Still, the process of initiating a complete talent hunt can be quite frustrating, time-guzzling, and very expensive.  Even worse, the whole shebang might not even guarantee that the applicants are the best fit for your firm. That said, partnering with a temporary engineering staffing agency is your best shot at hassle-free hiring of temps.  It will save you many headaches and time, but it will also cost much less in the long haul.  Besides, bringing in an outside hiring manager gives you never-before access to a huge pool of experienced and qualified temps. 

Selecting the Right Temporary Engineering Staffing Agency

Now that you’ve settled down on using a temporary engineering staffing agency, it’s high time to select one that’s right for the job. However, choosing the right temporary engineering staffing agency is a little more tricky than just hiring a traditional staffing agency.  Suppose your temporary assignment calls for a specialized engineering professional, for one. In that case, it’s paramount to enlist the services of a temp agency that has a tried-and-true reputation of delivering recruitment solutions to firms similar to yours.  In short, you need an agency that specializes in your organization’s engineering niche.

The following are a few tips to help you select a temporary engineering staffing agency that perfectly fits your company’s requirements. 

Do a Little Research

As it’s, you have got a lot on your plate – budgets to plan, meetings to attend, conference calls to make and whatnot.  The last thing you want is another fly-by-night staffing agency to clean up after.  So, shop around, visit their websites, and make some calls to narrow down your list.  Staffing agency comparison websites can also become indispensable in your search.  Ask around; other hiring managers might know a company they’ve worked with before that they recommend. 

Background Screening and Pre-Employment Tests

Not all temporary engineering staffing agencies are created equal, but good ones subject their candidates to initial skills testing.  These nifty staffing practices guarantee the quality of temps you’ll receive.  Besides, you’ve to check if they conduct pre-employment checks and drug tests. 


Even short-term engineering gigs demand specialized expertise and knowledge.  It’s, therefore, crucial that the temporary engineering staffing agency understands your company’s requirements right from the outset.

Performance Metrics

A great temporary engineering staffing firm should be able to stand by its candidates and follow up on their temp placements.  It’s one thing for the agency to boast that they’ll fill 100% of your vacancies, but it’s another thing that the temps will perform 100%.  Should you find some of the candidates unsuitable, for instance, do they have a clear protocol in place to help fix the situation?  Ask hard questions before you sign any agreement, and don’t be fobbed off.

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