The Best Tech Staffing Solutions for Small Businesses

The Best Tech Staffing Solutions for Small Businesses

The Best Tech Staffing Solutions for Small Businesses

Finding optimal tech staffing solutions is easy when you’re an industry giant like Apple or Google – just open up the vault and have your pick of the most experienced, skilled software developers on the planet. Even candidates who aren’t motivated by money are often enticed by the prestige of working on massive projects for industry game-changers. Small and mid-sized businesses looking for tech staffing solutions have to get a bit more creative. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite strategies below.

3 Cost-Effective Tech Staffing Solutions

  1. Hire Short Term Specialists 

If you need tech talent for a specific project (but not the daily operations of your business) then you probably won’t want a full-time employee. Fortunately, there are many options for accessing short-term, on-demand talent – you can work with individual contractors, 3rd party tech companies, or specialized tech recruitment agencies. All three methods give you access to the short-term tech staffing solutions required to take on complex IT and software projects.

  1. Think Virtually and Go 100% Remote 

When recruiting for tech positions, you’re no longer limited to your town, your state, or even the country. Anyone with technical skills and reliable internet can contribute to your projects virtually. Outsourcing positions overseas is affordable, but it also comes with a built-in language barrier and time-zone difference that can be more trouble than it’s worth. For many businesses, a more viable option is offering 100% remote positions to tech talent in other cities. As the pandemic winds down, many major companies are reigning in or limiting their employees’ work-from-home privileges – you can bolster your ranks by doing the opposite. 

  1. Hire Recent Grads 

Small businesses looking for affordable tech staffing solutions frequently hire recent grads and for good reason – they often lack the professional experience to take positions with big companies and are looking to build up their skills (and resumes). It’s a win-win.

With the rise of eLearning, there is another group of recent grads that often go overlooked – people who have taken tech-focused online courses or coding bootcamps. Often these students are transitioning from other careers and have a wealth of professional experience.

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