Contractor Staffing – Tips for choosing a great provider

Contractor Staffing – Tips for choosing a great provider

Contractor Staffing – Tips for choosing a great provider

When Contractor Staffing Really Makes a Difference

Most individuals are familiar with the traditional employer/employee relationship, where an employee is hired by a company on a full-time/perm basis. When an organization requires an employee for a short-term assignment to handle a spike in workload or a specialized task, the organization typically has two choices: (1) They can invest in the effort of searching, interviewing and hiring new employees only to release them after their services are no longer needed, or (2) they can employ the help of a contractor staffing agency to source candidates on a short-term basis.

When it comes to contractor staffing, the staffing agency supplies you with an employee for the particular position that you need to be filled.  After the job is completed, the contractor returns to the firm for reassignment to another company.  The contractor staffing agency should complete the payroll and cover all the insurance requirements – most importantly workers comp, employee liability, and unemployment insurance benefits required by the department of labor and employment.  Contractor staffing is ideal because it reduces overhead expenses considerably and increases efficiency in the business.  Here are some guidelines to help you select the right contractor staffing provider for your business:

Search for a firm that fits your needs

When you first start looking, it may look as if any old contractor staffing agency will be capable of providing you with a candidate, however, if you want the right fit for your post, you should strive to find a firm that fits your company’s needs.  If you require an individual to work as an administrative assistant, you should look for an organization that can supply trained assistants. In this light, do not just hire any agency for the job, select one that can give you the employee that you need.

Ensure that a variety of solutions are presented

Business needs, particularly in the contemporary world, change often and fast.  As such, your contractor staffing agency should be able to keep up with the changes and move to accommodate your needs.  Sometimes you may need another contract employee to fill in for the one you already have.  It is, therefore, critical to find an agency that has the potential to keep up with impending and unexpected changes.

Learn about the vetting process

You need a contractor staffing agency that can give you the best talent for your organization.  The vetting practices used by the company will help you determine the caliber of employees that they recruit.  The best contract firm is proud to share their screening and sourcing tactics because they work and are successful.

Read reviews and testimonials

The right contractor staffing company for your needs should have many satisfied clients.  From the reviews and testimonials that you may come across on the company website, as well as various review sites online, you should have no trouble determining the right agency for your business.  If you find a firm that has a plethora of favorable reviews from clients and employees but have trouble verifying the information given, you should probably move on to the next agency.



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