Types of staffing agencies for engineers

Types of staffing agencies for engineers

It’s always an excellent initiative to ask for assistance when it comes to recruiting engineers.  Lucky for you, every industry has specialized staffing agencies that can help you locate the best candidates for the position that you need to fill.  Staffing agencies for engineers are responsible for placing highly skilled engineers with organizations of all sizes.

They rely on an enormous network of contacts to fill various job orders.  With this in mind, did you know not all staffing agencies for engineers are the same?  Here are a few examples of the different types:

Aerospace Staffing Agencies

These staffing agencies for engineers in the aerospace and defense industry have the resources and security clearances to recruit engineers and technicians that can handle avionics, flight dynamics, composites, aircraft design, communications, and many other aerospace projects.

Since the skill set required for aerospace work is very specialized, aerospace staffing agencies must work hard to ensure that they recruit the most suitable and most qualified people for the job.

Here is a list of some typical job titles:

  • Avionics
  • Stress Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • CAD/CAM Engineers
  • System Integrators
  • Aerospace Engineers
  • Composite Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • And much

Construction Staffing Agencies

The construction industry also requires the assistance of staffing agency engineers from time to time.  A leading construction staffing company places potential candidates in temporary or permanent positions with organizations that deal with construction.  The recruitment service should be able to select consultants and employees that have the unrivaled engineering expertise and in-depth knowledge of the construction industry.  Most construction staffing agencies can provide candidates with the expertise to handle a range of different roles, from dealing with entire construction projects to handling the early stages of feasibility and planning.

Oil and Gas Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies for engineers can also help recruit employees who can work in the oil & gas industry.  Since the sector is relatively large, there are some great opportunities for both candidates and the staffing agencies as well.  The oil and gas sector requires trained personnel to handle the engineering tasks that come with the job.  As such, it is the task and duty of the staffing agency to recruit and hire the most suitable for the job.  A reputable staffing organization should have the capacity to provide quality personnel across every discipline within the energy and chemicals sector.  Some of the job positions available in an oil and gas staffing agency include engineering jobs in nuclear power companies, gas processing, oil exploration, chemicals processing, oil refining, and job titles alternative power.

Automotive Staffing Agencies for Engineers

Automotive staffing solutions work closely with various automotive clients and tiered suppliers.  The staffing agencies help the auto industry source skilled and experienced employees and contractors for various automotive engineering positions.  Automotive staffing companies are responsible for sourcing highly trained personnel with core functions in the areas of automotive engineering, design, and maintenance.


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