Passive Recruiting With An Engineering Staffing Agency: Key Takeaways

Passive Recruiting With An Engineering Staffing Agency: Key Takeaways

Passive Recruiting With An Engineering Staffing Agency: Key Takeaways

National unemployment rates are now less than five percent. What does this mean for engineering companies which are looking for people to fill some crucial positions? There are fewer people available, meaning that the few who are looking to change jobs are seeking higher salaries.

Companies seeking experienced professionals have to grapple with people with no reasons to leave their current employer. It does not mean that there is no one available for hire, but passive recruiting has become a new norm.

We all know the advantages of hiring people with experience – the professionals who have helped other engineering firms propel them to greater heights. However, everybody else in the industry is looking for the same benefits, so competition is fierce. As a firm, you need to venture into areas where the competition is low, either due to lack of information or the difficulty with such recruitment.

Passive recruiting is such an area; this involves finding the elusive candidates that are not seeking new opportunities. To reach out to passive candidates a firm needs to define an engagement strategy, i.e. what channels to reach the candidates and be ready for some rejection.

An engineering staffing agency has one advantage when it comes to passive candidate recruitment – they know the candidates, and they have an idea of what may prompt them to consider a job change. These recruiters have a database that includes active and passive candidates, they know what motivates them, their expected salaries, and above all, they know how to approach them.

Engineering staffing agencies maintain strong relationships with these candidates for a number of years and know what appeals to them. They have an understanding of their priorities, thus making these engineering staffing agencies a “Must Have” for passive recruiting.

This was our brief take on Passive Recruiting Engineering Staffing Agency & why it’s so vital in a tight labor market. Any thoughts? Contact Us!


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